Which Brand Is Best For AC In India? | LG Dual Inverter Air Conditioner (AC) Review 2021 | Buy On Amazon

Main features:

  • Split Ac With Inverter Compressor: Variable Speed Compressor Which Adjusts Power Depending On Heat Load. It Is Most Energy Efficient And Has Lowest-Noise Operation
  • Capacity: 1.5 Ton Suitable For Medium Sized Rooms (111 To 150 Sq Ft.)
  • Energy Rating: 5 Star
  • 10 Years On Compressor With Gas Charging, 5 Years On Pcb And 1 Year On Product
  • Copper With Ocean Black Protection: Prevents From Rust & Corrosion; Increase Durability; Uninterrupted Cooling
  • Special Features: Dual Inverter; Ocean Black Fin; Antibacterial Filter; Dehumidifier; Ez Clean Filter; Magic Display; Himalaya Cool; Stabilizer Free Operation (120V Approximately Equal 290 V); Auto Clean; Low Gas Detection
  • Hi-Grooved Copper; Hd Dust Filter, Auto Air Swing (Up-Down+ Left-Right)
  • Refrigerant Gas: R32 – Environmental Friendly – No Ozone Depletion Potential



Which Brand Is Best For AC In India? | LG Dual Inverter Air Conditioner (AC) Review 2021 | Buy On Amazon

In India, traditional drapes, curtains, nightshades, fans, electric fans, ventilators, and ACs are used for controlling the climate. Out of which, the main source of heating is through natural gas and electricity.

The main motive behind using ACs is to maintain an ideal temperature in rooms, offices, and schools. If you are aware of the benefits of ACs, then you should choose one that is portable as you can use it indoors and outdoors.

The ease of usage and accessibility are the two major factors that influence the purchase of an air conditioner. Another added advantage of the air conditioner is that it can be operated remotely from anywhere. You can keep tabs on the air conditioner’s status, including which room is under the cooling mode and how many times the AC was switched on.

The electronics of the air conditioner are almost all-inclusive, which makes them compact and easy to use and maintain. The precise features allow you to make customized suggestions for the usage of the AC. This can help you to manage your day, work, and night better.

Each year, the heating and cooling system have been turned into a sophisticated gadget to achieve more reliable and comfortable living. This is the time where there is a growing demand for energy-efficient ACs in various places all over the world.

No matter how important and useful in terms of its energy efficiency and power is energy efficient air conditioning unit, nevertheless, there will be a decline in the temperature, therefore, it will be a concern to the user as well as the house owners.

There will be numerous air conditioner manufacturers who will come up with various features, to increase the conversion efficiency.

Benefits & key features of Dual Inverter Air Conditioner are:

  • Supports Automation and Integrated Energy Management systems to monitor air quality,
  • optimize cooling, and save energy.
  • Stronger systems are capable of handling a large load and will deliver continuous airflow with outstanding energy efficiency and reliability.
  • Lightweight design, compact size, and easy installation because they contribute to a safer and more comfortable living environment for the consumers.

Dual Inverter Air Conditioner works without any issues and provides the best efficiency and comfort. It is a relatively inexpensive and effective cooling solution for houses in a bid to save up on electricity costs. It does not require any maintenance. It can be installed in a number of ways. It requires much less energy to run and does not have any maintenance issues.

However, the energy of the air conditioner can be reduced by using the current energy-efficient air conditioner to cope with the energy consumption. So, it is necessary to use the air conditioner, which will consume less energy and maintain the energy of the house as well as the equipment.

One of the major functions of an air conditioner is to cool the room by providing an adequate and ideal temperature. And the most energy-consuming part of the air conditioner is the compressor.

One of the best quality energy-efficient air conditioners, that will help in coping up the energy consumption is the inverter. The inverter is equipped with the precision temperature control that will regulate the energy

It will also reduce the speed of the compressor of the air conditioner to reduce the cost of the electricity required by the compressor of the air conditioner.

Which Brand Is Best For AC In India?

Well, there are many brands in the Indian market for Air Conditioners but the most popular brand is LG. Here we are talking about the latest model by LG 1.2 Ton Inverter Split AC.

LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (MS-Q18YNZA):

New LG 1.5T comes with DUAL Inverter Compressor which ensures that ACs cool faster, last longer, and run quieter.

This AC uses the latest R32 refrigerant gas which is environment-friendly and ensures that you do not contribute to global warming while staying cool.

Below the ultimate features of this product make it a best seller in the Indian market

Duel Inverter:

High-speed cooling range than conventional compressors along with energy-saving due to variable speed duel rotary motor ensures that duel inverter AC cool faster, last longer & runs quieter than any other brand.

LG Dual Inverter Air Conditioner (AC) Review 2021


Super Convertible 5-in-1 Cooling:

With Super Convertible 5-in-1 Cooling Control, you will not only save energy by stepping down the cooling capacity from 100% to 80%, 60%, or 40% but even stepping up the cooling capacity to 110%* when faster cooling becomes most important.

LG Dual Inverter Air Conditioner (AC) Review

HD Filter with Anti Virus protection

This Air Conditioner comes with an ‘Anti-Virus’ protection layer fitted HD Filter. The filter mesh is coated with Cationic Silver Ions (AgNPs) that deactivate more than 99% Virus# and bacteria* in contact. To be precise, it demobilizes up to 99.76% Virus# and up to 99.99% bacteria* cleansing.
# Tested as per ISO 21702: 2019 on MS2 Bacteriophage (an RNA virus of the family Leviviridae

* Tested as per JIS Z 2801: 2010 on Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538 & Escherichia coli ATCC 8739. For Escherichia coli ATCC 8739 reduction up 99.69%.



4 Way Swing:

The horizontal and vertical swing action ensures better airflow while giving uniform cooling.

100% Copper with Ocean Black Protection:

Exceptional durability is provided to air conditioners with the help of special Ocean Black Protection applied to both Indoor & Outdoor units which is helpful in typical Indian regions affected by sand, salt, industrial smoke & pollutants.


Ocean Black Fin:



Stabilizer Free Plus

The most important component “compressor” of an air conditioner, provides stabilizer-free operation which prevents voltage fluctuation, causing it damage.




Smart Diagnosis System:

Remote diagnosis  & easy understand error notifications let you know the issue in a simple way in correspondence with the nearest LG service center which will solve the problem instantly.



Auto clean:




Pros & Cons:

  • Very fast cooling
  • The convertible mode will help in energy efficiency.
  • Noiseless / silent operation
  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Reasonable price
  • The remote control is very confusing
  • Looks good but can be better with premium finishing



Considering all the features, specifications, Pros & Cons, this air conditioner is the best AC in India.

Besides the main function of this product, it makes me appealing to consider as the best AC in India due to the major benefit of this air compressor i.e. variable speed compressor. This feature of the product is helpful for you to adjust the heat and energy level according to your needs.

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