Best Mosquito & Fruit Flies Killer 2021 – Katchy Indoor Mosquito Trap | Buy On Amazon

  • Triple trapping power:  1) UV light attracts the bug, 2) Fan sucks it in, 3) Sticky glue boards trap it
  • Subtle and stylish fruit fly, gnat, and mosquito killer, no more ugly traps
  • The range covers an area of 330 sq ft.
  • Portable & suitable for your home, kitchen, or office as a decorative, stylish piece.
  • Trap indoors, close to insect-ridden fruit, plants, or trash bin, turn off lights for best results.
  • Safe to use: It doesn’t use any chemical or toxic substances
  • Easy to use, choose between standard or low-speed settings and leave it to work its magic


Best Mosquito & Fruit Flies Killer 2021 – Katchy Indoor Mosquito Trap | katchy indoor insect trap bug killer with uv light | Buy On Amazon

Nobody likes mosquitos. Not only are they carriers of disease, but they are tiny blood-sucking pests that leave behind itchy bumps that drive you crazy. But what is the good mosquito killer and how do you get rid of these & keep your family safe?

Getting rid of those bitey bugs is feasible. Let’s begin!

katchy indoor insect trap review

Katchy is a robust mosquito killer trap machine having a bug-catching gadget hidden in an aesthetically pleasing container. This one-stop bug catcher will appeal to any undesirable bugs and sanitarily dispense of them. It makes use of an ultraviolet (UV) light, fan, and an inner sticky glue board to entice even the tiniest bugs. There is not any annoying zapper and it’s child-safe and non-toxic.

How does mosquito Trap work?

Katchy attracts flies, mosquitoes, fruit flies, and different flying bugs by means of a number of strategies of attack. First, the trap makes use of UV light to draw the insect. For this purpose, it’s actually best in the evening time with surrounding lights turned off. You need the Katchy light to be the brightest within the space so all of the flying bugs are interested in it and may not miss it.

Let’s understand how do you use a Katchy bug trap?

Once insects get near the light, a fan sucks the bug into the trap. The bugs aren’t good sufficient to determine their approach again up out of the trap, plus the fan is consistently working towards them.

Finally, there’s a sticky board on the backside of the trap where the insects/bugs will land (or get suck immediately into it from the fan). The bugs at the moment are caught for good and may not transfer! This is just like the sticky tape that hangs from the ceiling, solely it’s extra hidden contained in the machine so it’s not as gross.


Best Mosquito & Fruit Flies Killer 2021 - Katchy Indoor Insect Trap


How to trap fruit flies at home?

katchy indoor insect trap bug killer with powerful uv light emits strong ultraviolet light to get rid of irritating insects such as gnats, fruit flies, moths, and mosquitos.

Best Mosquito & Fruit Flies Killer 2021 – Katchy Indoor Insect Tra Best Mosquito & Fruit Flies Killer 2021 – Katchy Indoor Insect Tra


  • Value for money

  • Works for isolated infestations

  • Easy to remove

  • Easy to clean

  • Good adhesion

  • Safe to use

  • Little noisy



If you are looking for pest-free living, it’s time to give a try to Katchy indoor insect trap a try. This is a portable & stylish bug trap that can tackle more than mosquitos- It can handle gnats, fruit flies & moths effectively.

It is a compact design & weighs only 657 gms. which makes it easy to pack along for camping & other outdoor trips. It can be used anywhere like at the home, office, outdoor trips, etc. due to its compact & stylish design.



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