Best Educational Toy For 6 Year Old Kids-Super Duper Propulsion Car| Buy On Amazon

  • Best Gift for 6-14 yr girls & boys: Build, Play, Learn|112 Parts |BUILD TIME: 100 min |STEM Concepts: Action-Reaction, Air Pressure & Momentum Transfer
  • Great Value For Money: Longer Constructive Activity+Multiple Gameplays+Core STEAM Learning = Superior Engagement Time Per Rupee than other DIY toys
  • Eco-Friendly, Sustainable: Imported Premium Pine Wood. Sourced from Responsible Eco-Certified Vendors. “NO SPLINTERS” so that your child is protected
  • No Mess, No Tools Needed for assembly for a clean, MESS-FREE HOME | Elastic Bands joinery, Easy to Disassemble and Reassemble
  • Children Learn Best Through Play: With Smartivity, your child constructs a STEAM Concepts based game/toy with Real Moving Parts & MECHANICAL ACTIONS
  • Easy, Age-Apt Instruction Book: One-Step-Per-Page, Big Pictures, MODULAR ASSEMBLY for self-paced construction. Minimal adult involvement
  • Trusted By Parents, Loved By Children in 24 Countries (incl USA, Europe): Non-Toxic & Safe. Tested in global labs. Exceeds global toy safety standards.


Topic: Best Educational Toy For 6-Year-Old Kids-Super Duper Propulsion Car | Buy On Amazon

Do you want your child to learn through play? or many parents have questions in mind that what to gift a 6-year-old boy/girl?

Age of 6 to 14 yrs is the best for learning through D.I.Y. (Do it yourself) & STEM Educational Toys. The meaning of STEM Toys here is “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math-based toys.

Super-Duper Propulsion Car is the best STEM Educational Toy for 6-14 yr Kids. Here your kid can play & learn about the power of jet propulsion & thrust. This is the perfect birthday gift for kids.

Your child will learn the STEM Concepts as below,

  • Action-Reaction,
  • Air Pressure
  • Momentum Transfer
  • Friction
  • Gradient
  • Propulsion

It may take 100 min to build the propulsion car.

We consider that with the right inspiration, motivation, and access, every child will be an innovator, creator, designer, and maker of a better future. It is the right reward for aspiring engineers & tinkerers!

We believe in the power of the STEM concept to redefine our future. Building DIY toys will improve your kid’s hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, and encourage creativity whereas keep them entertained for hours.

Educational toys like the STEM concept make your child think while playing.

Super-Duper Propulsion car is the design of a project for 6+ age group which comes with extendible tracks and additional learnings about friction and gradients.

Once assembled, children can lay out the tracks they’ve constructed and alter the size of the track as they please. The tracks have a flat element and an adjustable gradient/slope element.

Using the breakers on the flat tracks, kids learn the concept of friction and braking. While by altering the notches of the adjustable gradient kids perceive the variation in power required to climb an incline.

This exploratory and playful learning activity is bound to keep your child engaged for a long time.


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