Best Air Cooler In Indian Market-Bajaj Platini 36-Litres Air Cooler Review! | Buy On Amazon

Bajaj Platini PX97 Air Cooler Features:

  • Suitable for small & medium rooms
  • Capacity: 36 Litres
  • Suitable for all climates and coastal regions
  • Product dimensions (LxBxH): 45.5 cm x 43.5 cm x 82.0 cm
  • Item weight: 11.2 Kg
  • Honeycomb cooling media, easily removable pads
  • 3 Side cooling pad for enhanced performance
  • Castor wheel for easy mobility
  • Cord effective length 1.5
  • 3-way speed control
  • Quite Performance
  • Four-way air deflection
  • Power: 100 Watts; Operating voltage: 230 V
  • Works of Inverter: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year


Best Air Cooler In Indian Market-Bajaj Platini 36-Litres Air Cooler Review! | Learn More

Summer is nearly right here !! From March to June, the summer season is the hottest time in most of India. The busiest season in this tropical nation, the summer season burns nearly all parts of India within the sweltering heat.

Warm winds and scorching solar are the 2 most inseparable parts of the Indian summertime. Only the best air cooler could make us chill out with fresh & cool air in this scenario.

Environmentally Friendly – If you consider within the “Go Green” concept, air coolers undoubtedly supply the very best course of getting fresh air. As everyone knows, air conditioners use CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) as a refrigerant that are dangerous to the atmosphere. Air coolers are actually better as they use pure water as the refrigerant and their evaporative cooling mechanism is totally pure.

Also, air coolers save 80-90% electrical energy in comparison with air conditioners. So, in a manner, they’re additionally serving to us to guard the atmosphere by power conservation.

Air cooler buying guide:

Air supply or air displacement in CFM:

The air supply is measured within the CFM (Cubic feet per minute) unit. It is determined by the size of the air cooler. Higher the CFM, more the cooler circulating air within the room.

CFM of airflow = Room size in sq. ft * ceiling height / 2

Effectiveness of cooler:

Evaporation of water within the environment makes the air cooler to chill the air. Hence, the more evaporation, more the air cooling can be achieved. If the environment is humid i.e. air within the environment is already has water content, the effectiveness of the air cooler will be less.

Inverter compatibility:

If you reside in a space that experiences frequent power outages, it’s best to go for an inverter-compatible air cooler to take pleasure in uninterrupted cooling.

Ice chamber:

If you want your air cooler to offer quicker and improved cooling, it’s best to purchase one which comes with an ice chamber. You can put ice cubes within the chamber to rapidly cool the water, which can in the end in quicker cooling of the room.


Bulky air coolers are out of date now. Today’s air coolers are available in a wide range of attractive shapes, sizes, and designs so you’ll be able to select the one that completely matches your interiors. With the new age trendy air coolers, you can’t only benefit from the ultimate cooling comfort, but in addition the satisfaction of ownership.

Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-Litres Air Cooer:

There are many manufacturers available in the market for air coolers. Here I’ll present a complete evaluation of the best air cooler company in India. In this post, we are going to overview “Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36-Litres Air Cooer”. Bajaj is among the hottest manufacturers in India

Bajaj Electricals provide air coolers that might be appropriate for various climates and geographical places. Equipped with options like a high air delivery and a big water tank, the air coolers provide sustained and efficient cooling.

Moreover, most Bajaj air coolers have the latest technologies for an environment-friendly cooling experience. All air coolers include castor wheels, offering ease of motion.

Below features of Bajaj Platini Air Cooer makes it one of the best-selling air cooler in the Indian market:

  • Hexacool technology: Specially designed cooling media with hexagonal design delivering maximum cooling with minimal water consumption
  • 36 Litre water tank: The 36-liter giant water tank ensures longer cooling with a steady water supply system.
  • Powerful air throw: Bajaj PX 97 Torque Air cooler has a robust air throw of 70 feet that covers a long way and helps in delivering air in each corner of the room.
  • Turbofan technology: Based on Turbo Fan Technology you’ll be able to enjoy probably the most soothing time with this cooler.
  • Three sides cool master: 3 Speed fan control to regulate the airflow in accordance with the requirement


  • Value for money
  • Efficient cooling
  • Durable due to honeycomb cooling pads
  • Better cooling experience due to powerful air throw
  • Poor after-sales service


Bajaj Platini PX97 is our top recommendation for a medium-sized room. Powerful air throw, supercooling with honeycomb pads, durable & most importantly value for money makes it the best product to buy.






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