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HealthSense Nano-Cure Facial Steamer Review:

Key Features:

  • CHILD SAFE & MEDICAL USE: Nano-Cure does not sprinkle water from the outlet unlike other vaporizers, hence safe to be used by kids & adults alike. Provides efficient therapy for respiratory ailments like sinusitis, allergies, rhinitis & improves sensory capabilities in children. Clears nasal and sinus passages to ease congestion and effectively relieves cough, cold, flu, bronchitis.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Alleviates sinusitis, allergies, rhinitis & other breathing disorders. Clears nasal passages to ease congestion and effectively relieves cough, cold, flu & bronchitis
  • POWERFUL NANO STEAM: Produces fine nanometer-sized steam with negatively charged ions resulting in 10X more effective and faster absorption. Consistent & wide steam flow covers the entire face
  • UV STERILIZED HOT STEAM: The steam passes through a UV Lamp to ensure hygiene while the skin & nasal passage is being treated. Ceramic PTC heating element ensures fast heating within 40 seconds.
  • SERVICE & WARRANTY: 1-year 


Benefits Of Steamer for Face | Best Steamer For Face Benefits | HealthSense Nano-Cure 2021 | Buy On Amazon

Can’t find the best facial steamer among a variety of products available on the market? So right here we offer the best facial steamer, inhaler, and vaporizer in India.

The common cold, cough, and flu are among the most common and contagious illnesses that can hamper the functioning of your immune system and your everyday lifestyle.

These widespread illnesses may well be controlled with a facial steamer in times of trouble and provide the necessary relaxation at times.

A study has proved that a “healthy mind lives in a healthy body”

Here we are going to review the steamer face machine “Healthsense nano-cure facial ionic steam inhaler and vaporizer”. But before review, firstly we will learn what are the benefits of facial steaming?

A facial steamer is very useful for opening the pores of the skin and removing dirt. The warm steam also helps stimulate blood circulation to give you clear, flawless skin.

5 major benefits of face steaming using facial steamer:

1) Clean up your skin:

One of the biggest benefits of facial steaming is that it helps open pores, flushes out dirt, oil, and sweat stuck inside, and provides a deep cleansing effect. Plus, it allows all-natural oils to move freely, stopping any future blockage or build-up. And we all know that clean, unclogged pores typically mean fewer pimples and breakouts, right? How cool is that!

2) Better blood circulation:

Sometimes despite having a perfect skincare routine, your skin looks dull and dehydrated. The most important motive behind this may be poor blood circulation within the skin space. But this is where a steamy face greatly benefits your skin. Steam helps in open pores and increases sweating. It helps to thin the blood vessels and helps improve circulation within the space, provides oxygen, and makes the skin look healthy and youthful.

3) Remove dead skin:

One of the most important benefits of facial steaming is that it acts as a pure exfoliator that helps eradicate dead skin cells to reveal the contemporary, radiant skin underneath. In addition, the accumulation of dead skin cells makes your face appear dull, drained, and withered and, over time, results in nice traces, wrinkles, and different indicators of aging. But for those who steam their face repeatedly, it provides gentle exfoliation and the natural anti-aging properties of this method make their skin look healthy and youthful.

4) Benefits of facial steaming for acne/elimination of blackheads:

Another nice advantage of steaming your face commonly is that it’s an efficient and economical strategy to eliminate blackheads and whiteheads. Facial steamer benefits from getting rid of acne. When you let blackheads and whiteheads keep on the pores and skin for a very long time, they ultimately begin to get painful.

But steaming helps open up your pores, loosens the gunk inside, and totally cleans your face. This is what helps eliminate these blackheads and offers your face a clean, clear, and glowing look.

5) Helps in the absorption of skincare products.

Steam makes it simpler for skincare products to get absorbed into the pores and skin. It helps in skin permeability.

Que: Can I steam my face every day?

Ans: Usually, steaming shouldn’t be carried out for greater than 10 minutes at one go. However, you may modify the period based mostly on your pores and skin sort.

  1. For regular skin type: Once per week for 12 minutes
  2. For dry skin: Twice per week for 10 minutes
  3. For oily skin: Twice per week for 12 minutes
  4. For sensitive skin: Consult your dermatologist to know in case your skin can tolerate steaming or not.

With the help of a good facial steamer, you can get an amazing facial in the comfort of your home. Instead of spending money on expensive treatments in the salons, buying a good facial steamer can save you a lot of money. And of course, it’s portable too!

Best face steamer in India:

Review of “Healthsense nano-cure facial steamer”

Parts of steamer:

  • Nozzle
  • Steam outlet
  • Nano meter water ion storehouse
  • Water tank
  • UV ion reaction light
  • PTC heating device
  • ON/OFF switch


Benefits Of Steamer for Face


Below are some unique & important features of Healthsense nano-cure facial ionic steamer,

  • UV steam sterilization
  • Superfine Supreme Nano-Ionic mist
  • Fast mist in 50 sec
  • 15 min hot mist cycle
  • Waterless auto-off
  • Odor-free ABS material

Benefits Of Steamer for Face


How to use an Ionic facial steamer?

  • Step-1: Detach the water tank
  • Step-2: Unscrew the cap
  • Step-3: Fill purified water
  • Step-4: Screwup tap gently
  • Step-5: Re-insert the cap
  • Step-6: Turn ON to start steaming

Benefits Of Steamer for Face


Usage for Medical & Aromatherapy:

To relieve the congestion in respiratory tracts during a common cold, cough, flu, sinus & parched throat, added diffuser treys can be used.

Benefits Of Steamer for Face


Nano-Ionic intelligent steaming system:

This vaporizer uses advanced nano-ionic vapor technology and a segmented atomization system to generate relaxing waves of ionic vapor particles, similar to those of a hot spring, 4000 times finer than traditional vapor to penetrate and hydrate the skin. The nano-steam not only provides you with a deep and complete cleansing experience by opening your pores, but it also hydrates the skin and stimulates circulation on the face.

Benefits Of Steamer for Face


Ordinary Vs Nano-cure steamer:

Benefits Of Steamer for Face

The nano-steam not only provides you with a deep and thorough cleansing experience by opening pores but also moisturizes the skin and stimulates circulation in the face.

Besides, the stylish, compact and hand-held design allows you to steam your face and keep a healthy, natural-looking complexion whenever you want and wherever you go. It is lightweight and Portable

  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Multipurpose steamer
  • Good quality
  • Nice design
  • Removable water tank
  • Water tank capacity is small
  • No return policy



Considering the health benefits of the steamer, I recommend having at least one good steamer, steam inhaler, and vaporizer at home.

I recommend “HealthSense Nano-Cure Facial Steamer” as the best steamer for your face.

Options like UV steam sterilization, ceramic PTC heating element, superfine Nano-Ionic mist, odor-free ABS materials, waterless auto-off, quick mist in 40 seconds, portable handled design, steaming 40⁰C temperature, quiet whisper, and 8 to 10 minutes of hot mist cycle that makes it penetrate and moisturize the pores and skin 10X extra effectively.

It is used for each health and beauty goal like cleansing and rejuvenating skin, clears respiratory illnesses, alleviates sinusitis, and different respiration problems.



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