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Everything You Need To Know About Methods Of Water Purification

Methods Of Water Purification | Best Water Purifier In India | Learn Here

Are you aware that around 69.14 million cases were registered of water-borne diseases in the last 5 years in India only? And it is only the government data of crucial diseases. Million suffers from other health problems because of the constant use of harmful tap water such as skin infections, hair problems, a sudden rise in dental problems even after the proper care.

Do you know which methods of water purification are used in your home? Well, If yes then we are glad that you are paying attention to your and the health of your loved ones, and if not, well it is not too late yet start learning about the water quality in your area and which water purification system is best for your needs?

Today you can get different kinds of water purifiers in the market based on the traditional and efficient methods of water purification Infused with new and advanced scientific methods. If you are still not using any water purification system then it is time to learn why and if you are using then you should know if you are using the right method of water purification or not.

Now we all know that our water comes from natural water resources such as rivers, lakes, and under groundwater resources. Before reaching our homes it has passed through several areas which are polluted and contaminated with the human, plant, animal, and industrial wastes. Even though our MCD cleans the water by adding chlorine or fluorine into the water tanks before supplying. 

Despite the efforts of our government, we are seeing a rise in water-borne diseases. Therefore, it is crucial to clean the water via a proper water purification system or certified and economical water purifiers.

Different Methods Of Water Purification 

There are mainly 4 methods of water purification which we have been using for a very long time and proven effective always.

1. Boiling- we are sure that you have heard from your parents and grandparents over and over to drink water after boiling only as it helps to kill the harmful germs and bacteria and make the water healthy and safe to drink. It is the cheapest method of water purification.

However, this method of water purification takes effort and time. If your water contains a high amount of inorganic salts then this method might not be ideal for you. Instead of this method now you can use a UV or UF water purification system to clean your water.

2. Filtration- filtration is one of the oldest yet effective methods of cleaning water from impurities such as dust particles, germs, bacteria, and chemicals. Even today most water purifiers are based on this system and use several types of multimedia filters to clean water from any impurities and chemicals.

Filtration is a very lengthy and complex process and the physical process of filtering water differs from one region to another as water comes from different natural resources everywhere and nobody has the time to deal with such a complex process and analyze their water quality on daily basis.

3. Distillation- Distillation is the method of collecting pure water in the form of water. This process is based on the chemical properties of water. Water turns into vapor at a certain temperature and collecting these vapors and then converting them into the water through the condensation process will help you to collect pure and clean water.

Now you know how much time and effort it takes to collect the distilled water. It is quite an expensive and slow process of collecting pure water. This is however the most ideal method if the water quality in your area is raw and full of hardened components. In the market, you can find water purifiers based on this method that is effective and quick.

4. Chlorination- this method of water purification is based on adding chemicals such as chlorine or fluorine. Our government already uses this process to clean the water and to kill harmful germs, parasites, and bacteria. It is also one of the cheap and effective methods and doesn’t consume a lot of time. 

Water Purification Technologies In Water Purifier

If you are looking for a water purifier for your home, below guide will help you to select a perfect one.

There are many brands in market having number of modern technologies which ultimately confuses the person who is looking for a water purifier.

Selecting a water purifier is not only depends on the number of technologies in it but it highly depends on which technology is for what purpose.

Top 5 Best Water Purifiers In India 2021

Best Water PurifierTechnologyTDS LevelImageView
KENT Maxx Water PurifierUV+UFBelow 400 PPMMethods Of Water PurificationView At Amazon
KENT Supreme Plus Water PurifierRO+UV+UF+TDS ControllerAbove 500 PPMMethods Of Water PurificationView At Amazon
Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard AmazeRO+UV+UF+MTDSUp to 2000 PPMMethods Of Water PurificationView At Amazon
AO Smith Z9 Green Water PurifierRO +SCMTUp to 2000 PPMMethods Of Water PurificationView At Amazon
LG Puricare WW150NP Water PurifierRO+UVUp to 2000 PPMMethods Of Water PurificationView At Amazon


How Water Purifier Works?

Mainly water purifiers work on an advanced and detailed filtration system that allows the separation of impurities such as dust particles and germs from raw water and makes it healthy and contamination-free. There are mainly 4 methods of water purification and all the water purifiers work on the combination of these methods only.

How To Choose a Water Purifier?

Before choosing a water purifier for your home. First, you should know about the source of your tap water and what kind of impurities it contains? Ideally, you should do a small water quality check which will tell you about the impurities it holds and the level of salt and minerals.

Second, Once you are aware of the water impurities in your area then you can easily choose among the RO, UV, UF, and TDS water purifiers or their best combination that not just make your water healthy but also maintain its taste and smell as well. In India, RO or reverse osmosis water purifiers are more common and suitable with UV and UF filters.

What Is TDS Means In Water Purifier?

The role of TDS or total dissolved solids is very crucial in a water purifier. According to the BIS guidelines, water with a TDS of 500 mg/l is ideal for drinking. Thus, you need to make sure that your water purifier is maintaining that level. 

TDS is a concentration of dissolved solid particles or salts such as calcium, magnesium, sulfates, chlorides, and bicarbonates, etc. Humans need the appropriate ratio of these salts in their water. If this ratio exceeds or lessens it can cause various diseases which are very difficult to overcome.

TDS meter for water testing are easily available online in reasonable price.

What Does RO Means In a Water Purifier?

RO means Reverse Osmosis. These purifiers are the most popular and always in demand in the market. RO water not just filter but concentrate the water through a semi-permeable membrane. It helps to filter all the impurities and provides highly concentrated pure RO water. RO water purifiers provide clean and safe drinking water only. It doesn’t have any side effects as well.

Which Water Purifier Is Good For Health?

Both RO and UV water purifiers are good for your health as they clean the water through filtration and without using any chemicals. UV water purifiers use Ultraviolet rays which are useful to kill harmful bacteria and make water disinfected. RO uses the filtration process and forces the water through semi-permeable membrane results in concentrated pure drinking water.

However, now you can choose the best of both purifiers as many new water purifiers in the market are the combination of UV, UF, and RO methods which provides you clean and safe drinking water with a proper ratio of minerals and salts. 


Water is our life and we cannot survive without clean and safe drinking water. Even though we are using all the methods of water purification, the number of water-borne diseases is increasing every day all over the world. It indicates that even after taking all the precautions and using all the water purification system. We need strong and constant water purifiers that will provide clean water whenever we open our taps.

Therefore we must use water purifiers at our home and get rid of our worries of dealing with water-borne diseases. We don’t have all day to monitor our water sources and supply, therefore, we need the help of specially designed water purifiers to deal with such problems and enjoy a glass of clean and healthy water.

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